The Affiliate Marketer Blues


This is going to be a major rant so get ready.

I remember a long time ago when I was just a wee little thing, well not so little, I dreamed someday I would be a successful marketer on the internet.

Yes I visualized how I was going to make alot of money, make my own hours, fire my boss, yada…yada. HA! what a laugh, what was I thinking. Yes it was a whole lot of stinkin’ thinkin’

I wanted to do this craziness as a affiliate marketer. My dream did not include what I was going to sell or how I was going to sell it. I had no clue how much money I needed to invest or even how the internet worked. I thought the internet was a magical land where all your dreams came true.

When I first started to realize my dream I started to use traffic exchanges. (I still use them). Yes you are reading the frustrated words of a closet traffic exchange clicker. I clicked for hours at a time and guess what! I did not get anywhere. Oh I made money… much is another post.

I started thinking, there is more to this affiliate marketing then meets the eye. Actually, I was not thinking about affiliate marketing at that time, I just wanted to make money. I certainly was not making any moolah clicking all day.

How am I going to make money, I said to myself. I certainly was getting a very sore shoulder from using traffic exchanges.

In fact I really cannot remember what I did next.

What I do remember is that I started looking into affiliate marketing. I was very suspicious of all the ads I did see in my traffic exchanges. I thought most of them where downright scams. No money-making schemes for me.

I was still to naive to realize that you needed lots of traffic to be successful.

Another thing I remember was a pro saying “its not the system its the person working the system”

I found a program that I liked and decided to sign up. It was called SFI, its a very popular program worldwide. It was free to sign up. In my inexperience I thought it was completely free.

Then I found another program that was run by a very buff gentleman who had very good intentions. He just charged a little to much a month to stay a member.

These programs were good for some marketers but not for me. I was to inexperienced and to naive to even see the value in these programs.

I hung around the internet as a marketer for a while trying out different things and I started getting jaded about the whole business. I was hooked on it but I still did not find what I was looking for.

There was one site that I found that I absolutely loved and it was all free, its called

This was the beginning of a new way of looking at things for me.