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Just like Galveston…only good!


Back in 2005 Galveston, Texas was under
an emergency evacuation order because
of an oncoming HURRICANE! That’s
right, there were 2.5 million Galveston
residents all hitting Interstate 45,
trying to get the heck out of there!

The whole thing created a 100 mile long
traffic jam and lasted 3 grueling days!

The good news is millions of lives were
saved from avoiding that hurricane but
still, it was a horrendous traffic jam.
Actually, it was one of the worst in
history but…

…have you ever noticed that whenever we
are talking about “traffic” in the REAL
world, it’s usually pretty negative?
On the flipside though, and here is
something that I always thought was
kind of funny, but…

…once we move into conversations about
online endeavors and the internet?
Well, traffic takes on a WHOLE other
meaning here.

The fact of the matter is, traffic is
the fuel in the engine of online
business. Without it, you are pretty
much dead in the water. With it?
Well…with good traffic anything feels

Whatever product you are trying to
sell, article you are trying to get
read, podcast you are trying to get
listened to, or video you are trying to
get watched…

…it all becomes effortless with a
steady stream of traffic at your

My friend, over the course of the next
several emails we are going to be
taking a deep dive into the world of
free traffic.

I want to give you some under the radar
sources, some interesting tactics,
strategies, and just all around
greatness when it comes to traffic

I want you to white list these emails,
save them in a good location so you
won’t forget, print them out if you
need to, because we are getting ready
to go on a veritable journey.

A journey into the subject of little
known, largely untapped, and in many
cases underutilized sources of traffic
for you to use as you see fit.

The doors are going to be opened in
these coming emails, the secrets are
going to be revealed, and the locks are
going to be broken. So, I want you to
sit back, buckle up, and get ready for
the good stuff…

In my next message to you, we’ll be
getting into this fully, but for now I
just want you to think about what it
would be like if you could have free
traffic at your beck and call, to send
wherever you want. What would that
feel like?

Get ready. We are going there,
starting with my next email to you.
Your days of not enough traffic and
miserable failure online are over!

Thank Goodness